This is a blog for the curious. The ones who live to know more, and never stop questioning. There is just so much to investigate! Here we are to explore different themes within philosophy and the natural sciences – and not least in the crossover between these two. Although rooted in Denmark, this blog will be written in English allowing for a wider range of readers.

Check out the pages on Cognitive Science, Synthetic Biology and Artificial Life and don’t hesitate to leave┬ácomments. Also stay tuned for more upcoming topics such as Theory of Theories, Quantum Physics, Autism, Mycology, Meaningful Descriptions, Aikido, The Concept of The New Warrior and The Search for Meaning.


About Sif S. Stewart-Ferrer

Passion for knowledge - especially the philosophy of natural science. MA in Philosophy from the University of Southern Denmark, with a minor in Anthropology from Aarhus University, Denmark. Currently working on finding funding for a PhD project on placebo effects. Interests include philosophy (the philosophy of science and environmental ethics), mycology, martial arts (daito-ryu, aikido and ving tsun), anthropology (Anthropocene, Asian cultures), computer games and outdoor life. I also love dogs.
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