Artificial Life Conference – this year at SDU


On august 19th to 23rd there will be a conference held at SDU, Odense, Denmark about artificial life arranged by the FLinT Centre or Centre for Fundamental Living Technology. This years theme is Critical Properties of Living Systems. This is what the official web site writes about the theme:

“The conference will be organized around the theme of identifying and synthesizing the critical properties of living and life-like systems (e.g., self-replication, self-assembly, self-organization, metabolism, adaptation, evolution). The meeting will reflect all of the main areas of artificial life research, including “wet” systems based on carbon chemistry, “soft” systems realized in software, and “hard” systems consisting of autonomous robotic agents, integration of the above areas, as well as a variety of social and technical systems that embody the critical properties of living systems. The conference will have broad interdisciplinary interest, because “living” processes are found virtually everywhere.”


Since I will be attending this conference please check back for more around the 19th of august!


About Sif S. Stewart-Ferrer

Passion for knowledge - especially the philosophy of natural science. MA in Philosophy from the University of Southern Denmark, with a minor in Anthropology from Aarhus University, Denmark. Currently working on finding funding for a PhD project on placebo effects. Interests include philosophy (the philosophy of science and environmental ethics), mycology, martial arts (daito-ryu, aikido and ving tsun), anthropology (Anthropocene, Asian cultures), computer games and outdoor life. I also love dogs.
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One Response to Artificial Life Conference – this year at SDU

  1. In case anyone should wonder: there was nothing to check back for since I got ill before the conference and couldn’t go. Oh.. was I sorry? I so wanted to go!! Better luck next time, right? -Sif

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