Competition in Synthetic Biology


Students worldwide are modifying bacteria for the iGEM2010 competition at MIT (Boston) in November


international Genetically Engineered Machine or iGEM is a competition in synthetic biology held every year since 2003. Students worldwide spend their summer working on a project of their own choice, where they are to genetically modify bacteria in accord with their project goal. The competition ends with a jamboree held at the MIT where all the students meet and present their projects.

The SDU-Denmark team is competing this year with the Bacterial Micro Flow project. We want to be able to control the little bacterial threads or propellors called flagella and then glue the bacteria to the wall of a tube where extra flow can be created. This relates to the original idea of wanting to make mechanical work with bacteria. There are different subgroups of the team, f.ex. biobricks creators (labgroups), model makers (the physicians) and safety, security and ethical issues assessment (philosophers).

Check out the project wiki and our team’s blog for more information.

Learn more about iGEM at the official 2010 page here.


About Sif S. Stewart-Ferrer

Passion for knowledge - especially the philosophy of natural science. MA in Philosophy from the University of Southern Denmark, with a minor in Anthropology from Aarhus University, Denmark. Currently working on finding funding for a PhD project on placebo effects. Interests include philosophy (the philosophy of science and environmental ethics), mycology, martial arts (daito-ryu, aikido and ving tsun), anthropology (Anthropocene, Asian cultures), computer games and outdoor life. I also love dogs.
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