Golden SDU-Denmark Team

November 8th was a rather windy and rainy day in Boston, Massachusets, but at MIT the SDU-Denmark team were in the sunshine of the stage lights. The team was awarded Gold at the iGEM 2010 Competition for their project in Synthetic Biology, having created tiny bacteria usable for creating flow in small scale tubes – and got a special prize, for their work in the field of safety in synthetic biology.

Winning the special Safety Commendations Prize

iGEM HQ and Justin Knight


The safety work done by the team suggested watermarking bacteria, to make it easier to back-track synthetic organisms found in the wild. Many inventions in synthetic biology are made for use in an open environment, and that carries along the risk of having synthetically engineered organisms interfering with naturally occurring organisms – possibly creating environmental threats. For this reason it will be very useful to have all synthetic bacteria marked. This way we will have much more control with the organisms that were released in nature.

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and HERE
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iGEM from above 2010 (all the ~140 teams):

iGEM from above 2010

iGEM HQ and Justin Knight


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