Quantum DNA?

My all times favorite news site The Daily Galaxy had a fascinating article last Friday: a team of scientists from National University of Singapore have come up with a theoretical model suggesting a quantum-phenomenal description to explain how the DNA double helix is held together.

Picture from: http://www.vandrøring.dk/images/spiral/dna_500.jpg


DNA is made up of nucleotides, which again are composed by electrons moving in circles around a positively charged nucleus. This movement of the electrons can altogether be describes as a harmonic oscillation. The nucleotides join together in base pairs, and the oscillations of the electrons now have to go in opposite directions, to keep the structure from falling apart. Stack the base pairs in a double helix and the oscillations should vibrate in a way that would tear the helix apart again. But we do have DNA-helixes so how can it hold?

The quantum model from Singapore tell of oscillations occurring as a superposition of states. This means that the oscillations are entangled (the quantum way – not just like your hair in the morning!) and therefore occur all at the same time, and hereby the structure is kept together.

Read the article from The Daily Galaxy HERE
Entaglement in Quantum Theory: read more HERE
Superposition in Quantum Theory: read more HERE

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