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Passion for knowledge - especially the philosophy of natural science. MA in Philosophy from the University of Southern Denmark, with a minor in Anthropology from Aarhus University, Denmark. Currently working on finding funding for a PhD project on placebo effects. Interests include philosophy (the philosophy of science and environmental ethics), mycology, martial arts (daito-ryu, aikido and ving tsun), anthropology (Anthropocene, Asian cultures), computer games and outdoor life. I also love dogs.

On causality

Originally posted on Footnotes to Plato:
Causality is one strange concept. It is absolutely essential to our understanding of the so-called “manifest image” of the world, i.e., the world as perceived and navigated by human beings. (The distinction between the…

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Bachelor Thesis handed in!

After about half a year working on my bachelor thesis, I finally handed it in this past Monday at noon. The topic for the paper was “Definitions of Life” and I will soon give a resume of my findings on … Continue reading

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Aspergers Syndrome – an autistic type of neurodiversity

What to you think of when hearing the word autism? How about truthful, knowledgeable, intelligent, just and skilled? not words you would normally link to a disorder. Just below there is a picture of Dr. Temple Grandin –  a designer … Continue reading

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FLinT The Center for Fundamental Living Technology at SDU (University of Southern Denmark) have updated their web page! Take a look to know more about their work with making life from scratch, by following the link just above. Enjoy!

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Cybernetics – thinking in systems

Have you ever wondered about life’s mysteries? Ever wanted to really understand something , hold it all in at once and see the big picture? Surely it is a difficult task, but cybernetics might be a good place to look … Continue reading

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Nuclear Knowledge

Nuclear Power – a hot topic ever since the troubles started at the nuclear power plant of Fukushima in Japan on March 11th. Events following include the closing of several German power plants, and lately a heading in the danish … Continue reading

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A synthetic cell – what qualifies?

J. Craig Ventor‘s name comes up again as The Daily Galaxy today posts an article (“Earth’s 1st Non-Biological Self-Replicating Species” (link)) about the achievement of Dr. Ventor in may last year, when he synthesized an entire bacterial genome and inserted … Continue reading

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